About Us

Vai empowers organizations by operationalizing Artificial Intelligence to solve crucial business problems. We build products to make the state of the art in machine learning accessible.

Vai was founded by experienced engineers and researchers from Stanford and Google. We are based in San Francisco, California.

The Nabla Platform

Nabla is a laser-focused machine learning platform for solving high-value business problems. It offers customers a suite of machine learning solutions to solve a wide range of use cases.
Nabla operates at the cutting edge: powered by deep learning and built upon distributed TensorFlow, it runs on container infrastructure to ensure compatibility with your environment, bringing the state of the art to your organization.
With the use of transfer learning, Nabla is able to learn from limited amounts of data. Whether you’re sitting on hundreds or billions of data points, our platform can add value to fundamental business problems.

Nabla Capabilities

Text Categorization

Quickly and accurately sift through and categorize documents. Our models are able to add value even with limited data. Example use cases include identifying sentiment related to a product or service, moderating offensive content, triaging support requests, and automating topic identification in free-text.


Find content that users will engage with given their behavioral patterns. Recommend products, articles, or media in order to boost retention.

Question Answering

Augment conversational agents by leveraging external supporting documents. Enhance search and provide an easy to use system for factoid lookup, giving human readable answers for a seamless experience.

Document Similarity

Increase operational efficiency by identifying near-duplicates, repeated content, or common patterns in your semi-structured textual data stores.

Automatic Summarization

Boost productivity by automatically generating summaries containing the most relevant information from long documents.

Other Use Cases

Nabla is highly customizable and can be easily extended to new domains and use cases. We have successfully adapted our platform to use cases such as time series prediction, fraud detection, and customer segmentation.

How We Work

We always work together with you to tailor Nabla to your specific business needs. These are the steps we take to ensure we create value for our customers.

    Identify and define business problems, determining how Nabla can help.
    Define and build integration points between your data and Nabla.
    Tune Nabla and train custom models for your business use case and data requirements.
    Productionalize the solution and provide the ability to access valuable insights.

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