Vai empowers organizations by operationalizing Artificial Intelligence to solve crucial business problems. We build products to make the state of the art in machine learning accessible.

The Obsydian Platform

Obsydian is an Artificial Intelligence platform for business-driven language understanding workflows. Obsydian provides a principled, centralized, human-in-the-loop foundation for organizations to build natural language competencies.

Custom AI solutions

We have worked with leading business across verticals, integrating and deploying custom solutions to solve critical-path needs.


Find content that users will engage with given their behavioral patterns. Recommend products, articles, or media in order to boost retention.

Document Similarity

Increase operational efficiency by identifying near-duplicates, repeated content, or common patterns in your semi-structured textual data stores.

Computer Vision

Extract knowledge from images and videos. Leverage visual content within business processes such as photos, formatted documents, or screenshots.

Serving infrastructure

Serve models with confidence backed by principled and highly scalable deployment infrastructure for Machine Learning.