Vai Technologies is a boutique consulting firm based in San Francisco, CA, focused on building machine learning systems and scalable cloud infrastructure.
It was founded with a simple mission: design, build, and scale machine learning and data science products within innovative companies.
At Vai, we value security, privacy, and efficiency in our solutions.

Our Work Gets Results

Recommendations Served per Day
Increase in Click-Through Rate
State-of-the-Art Models in Production
Reduction in Churn Rate

Our Services

Vai Technologies offers a suite of core Deep Learning, Machine Learning and cloud infrastructure software that is customized to help clients leverage the best of modern Artificial Intelligence. We specialize in on-premises solutions that value efficiency, security, and maintainability.
In addition to our technical products, we also help companies with engineering team structuring and workflow consulting around in-house data science and machine learning units.
We also help Venture Capital firms and investors evaluate portfolio companies for whom data science or machine learning represents a core tenet.

Deep Learning
Machine Learning
Cloud Infrastructure
VC Consulting

We work from R&D to production

We work at every stage of the Machine Learning product pipeline, from fundamental, on-premises R&D to lifecycle and deployment.

Our Specialties

We tackle the problems that SaaS cannot solve.
We leverage our software suite to build custom systems that work on premises and fit directly into your deployment architecture.
Computer Vision

From object detection to segmentation to image captioning, we build state-of-the-art solutions leveraging Deep Learning to push your products to the forefront and provide you with a competitive advantage. We have experience with real-time-processing as well as building systems to make images indexable and searchable.

Recommendation Systems

Supercharge your product with user personalization. With proven conversion rates from e-commerce to content recommendation, we help you match your users to an experience that will keep them engaged. Even if your application needs solely visual or content-driven recommendations, we can help you craft a stable backbone for recommending content.

Natural Language Processing

Whether your product requires autosummarization, sentiment analysis, classification, or entity extraction, we can supercharge your application with state-of-the-art NLP. From routing support tickets to automatic conversational agents, Vai Technologies provides solutions that can help you engage and support customers in new meaningful ways.

Custom Algorithms

We work across a variety of Machine Learning specialties. In particular we specialize in Computer Vision, NLP, and recommender systems. However, we have experience in everything from time series analysis to social network analysis, so if your product, idea, or goal does not fit in our specialties, reach out and we can build custom solutions.

How we work

Algorithm development and Machine Learning development in commercial settings is often very discrete with a large gap between R&D and production. We will work with your team to set up both continuous integration and delivery for in-house ML solutions, as well as continuous deployment, if appropriate.
Instead of rotating your ML product needs to fit into a pre-baked SaaS solution, we rotate our software and deployment architectures to fit your needs and develop on-premises tooling for you to manage, customize, and scale as needed. We continue to provide support as you grown into your solution.

Our Verticals

The systems we work on are highly confidential, so we can't show past projects. These are some of the industries we have worked in.


From Series A to Series D

Consumer Content Delivery

Content Recommendation for News & Multimedia


Intrusion detection, anomaly flagging

Retail & e-Commerce

Retail Catalogs powered by Computer Vision & NLP

Business Processes

Decision Automation

Customer Retention

Targeted Content and Personalization


Disease detection / Medical Imaging

Like our projects?

Contact us to get the conversation started. If you don’t see your industry above, don’t worry, we offer custom solutions for businesses of any kind.

Why is Vai special?

We tackle the problems that SaaS cannot solve.

Why is Vai Special?

We work all the way from customized machine learning algorithms to CI/CD best practices.

Why is Vai special?

We strongly rely on industry standard open-source libraries to develop our products.

Here are some of the tools we use and love:

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