About Us

Vai builds software products to help organizations and enterprises leverage human language using AI. We value security, privacy, and efficiency. Our software is trusted in mission critical settings in a variety of verticals.

Vai was founded by experienced engineers and researchers from Stanford, Google, CERN, Shazam, Yale, and Princeton. We are based in San Francisco, CA.

Our Product

At Vai, we tackle problems that SaaS alone cannot solve. Our flagship product, Alexandria, leverages the state-of-the art in AI, allowing customers to accelerate time-to-market with natural language understanding.
Alexandria manages the end-to-end requirements of deploying natural language understanding technologies in the enterprise, from annotation and AutoML to scaling and monitoring.

Being able to quickly and accurately categorize documents is an critical in many settings. From ticket routing to triage ranking on requests, efficiency-increasing applications are endless. Alexandria allow users to build powerful models with limited data, and gives developers and stakeholders the ability to iterate quickly.


Need a TL;DR? Alexandria offers easy-to-use services to summarize text to make it more digestible. Already have briefs of long documents? We can customize our models to work directly on your domain

Analysis and Intent

Need to understand sentiment of customer feedback or help requests? Do you need to search through all mentions of a particular product or service? From phrase-level sentiment analysis to entity extraction and resolution, Alexandria can help you understand text and augment your workflows.

Active Learning and Annotation

Alexandria's easy-to-use annotation interfaces make it easy for non-techical team members to help with data quality and annotation. With the help of active learning, your AI system can learn from human feedback - a critical feature in any setting. Have data security contraints? Our federated learning algorithms ensure data stays where it is supposed to.


Regardless of the problem your company wishes to solve using our product, we always meet 1 on 1 with our customers to ensure that we have the ability to directly add value. Our integration team will ensure that Alexandria suits your particular business needs. We work to ensure that every customer has a unique value-add experience with Vai.

We offer both managed and on-premises solutions, and are very sensitive to privacy and security concerns that might arise from specific verticals. Depending on your needs, we select out the core functionalities from Alexandria to best suit your business needs.