Supercharge your
Natural Language

Workflows over models

Many organizations suffer from common roadblocks when dealing with Natural Language Processing and AI. Obsydian enforces principled Machine Learning workflows that allow faster iteration and quick turnaround time from prototyping to production.


Data collection is an integral part of the language understanding workflow. Ensure data quality, rapid model iteration and annotation efficiency with the Active-Learning-powered Obsydian Annotate module.


Obtain high-level semantic and thematic insights from text through the use of unsupervised topical modeling and interactive graphical and exploratory views.

Automated Machine Learning

Leave the complex Machine Learning to Obsydian and take your data to the next level with an automated model building process via architecture search. Diagnose and understand what your models are doing with an easy-to-use dashboard and interpretable insights.

Seamless deployment

Every model is automatically deployed to the highly-scalable Obsydian Serving Layer. Allow your developers to programatically access models via the REST endpoints and API SDKs provided with the platform.